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August 2, 2021

Are You Dealing with a Herniated Disk?

Are you suffering from back or neck pain that just won’t go away? You aren’t alone. While not all pain stems from herniated discs, 2% of the world’s population deals with comprised discs annually. If you find yourself in this predicament, relief won’t come without treatment. Learn how your herniated disc in Wellington can be treated with a decompression table.

How Does a Disc Become Herniated?

Your spinal disks are soft, jelly-like cushioning that protects from bone-on-bone rubbing as you twist, walk, and perform other varying physical tasks. If your care provider diagnoses you with a slipped disk or ruptured disk, both terms denote the same condition. One of the leading causes in most people is age. As we age, our bodies slowly degenerate. Once the ligaments degenerate far enough, the disks will have more play as you twist, walk, or otherwise move. This results in instability. Most people who complain of pain recall doing something as mundane as stretching, getting out of bed, or lifting an object they previously had no issues moving. Needless to say, accidents and injuries of this nature are often minor and are a part of aging. However, living with pain is not a part of the aging process.

When to Seek Help

We recommend seeking help right away. With these injuries, you’re likely to experience pain from the moment of the accident until the disk is slipped back into place. The pain will never lessen over time. It’ll only get worse. At Palm Beach Health Center, we utilize a spinal decompression table. All you need to do is lie down and relax. The table will slowly and safely stretch your spine, creating vacuums between each vertebra. In doing so, the pressure will gently pop the disk back in its place, and the pain will go away over time. However, some patients experience pain subsiding after just one round.  

Herniated Disc Wellington treatment

Are You Looking for Relief from a Herniated Disk in Wellington?

While treatment takes time, it’s important to commit yourself to the schedule we recommend. Many of our patients (86%) have recovered completely and have led pain-free lives. Contact us today to see how we can help you put your pain and discomfort in the past.

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