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July 16, 2021

How Nicotine Affects Your Spine

Smoking, vaping, or chew, no matter how you consume nicotine, could be the reason for your chronic back pain. How often do you smoke? Heavy smoking (more than a pack a day) causes dramatically reduced spinal disc recovery by up to 45%! However, even chain-smokers can find relief by undergoing spinal decomposition in Wellington at a chiropractor’s office.

Disc Degeneration

Nicotine, one of the most wickedly addictive chemicals, is far more destructive than we previously thought. This substance creates hypoxic zones throughout your spinal column, which is the reason for the altered healing times. Hypoxia is a state where a localized area is oxygen-less. Throughout everyday life, your spinal discs experience wear and tear known as fissures. These, with ample oxygen and blood flow, can easily self-repair. However, nicotine is also known to reduce blood flow. This is why it can take almost half as long for each disc to heal, which is why problems multiply instead of getting resolved.

Spine Instability

In addition to wearing out discs, nicotine also degenerates muscles, tendons, and ligaments integral to backbone stability. Compromised muscles are known to lead to spasms, weakness, and pain.

What Are My Treatment Options?

With treatment options, you have two to choose from, surgical and noninvasive treatment plans. Both of these have subcategories as well. However, it isn’t uncommon for smokers to require corrective surgery, as conditions are typically far worse in them than nonsmokers.  Surgery usually involves removing bone, vertebrae, and tissues that are affecting nerves and causing discomfort. Although cases are historically worse, there is only a 2% drop-off in success rates, meaning surgery may be your best option for pain relief.

Woman at the chiropractor getting Spinal Decompression in Wellington

Looking for Spinal Decompression in Wellington?

Our incredible team is highly knowledgeable in aligning both your body and mind. At Palm Beach Health Center, we provide holistic treatment to ensure you receive the highest quality care imaginable. Contact us today for back pain relief.

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