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August 23, 2021

Tendonitis Treatment

Your body moves due to fibrous connective tissues known as tendons. Anywhere on your body involved in movement can develop tendonitis. If you’re struggling with shoulder, elbow, or knee pain in West Palm Beach, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, cold laser therapy at Palm Beach Health Center can get you back in the game.

Understanding Tendinitis

What is Tendinitis?  

Treating tendinitis permanently will take more than correcting scar tissue. Repetitive movement such as swinging a tennis racquet or pitching can cause small tears up and down the tendon. Over time, scarring builds up and causes pain while also limiting your range of motion.  

Preventative Measures  

The best thing to do is to cease the activity that causes pain until your body heals. While waiting to return to action, consider stretch therapy with our trained and certified stretch therapists. Not only will this help heal your muscles faster, but you’ll also boost your immune systems’ functionality. Lastly, incorporate a stretch routine into your warm-up. Starting with dynamic stretches will help warm up, loosen, and prep your muscles for action. However, to avoid soreness and injury from repetitive use, it’s critical to stretch afterward. If pain continues to affect your everyday life, it may be time for laser therapy.  

Laser Therapy  

This is a non-invasive and comfortable solution for those dealing with soft tissue damage. Did you know that laser technology induces your body to regenerate itself at an accelerated level? It does so by emitting a biomechanical light that stimulates cell growth. The following ailments are treatable with cold lasers:  

  • Arthritis  
  • Tendonitis  
  • Golfer’s elbow  
  • Plantar fasciitis  
  • Knee pain  
  • Strains and sprains  
Knee Pain West Palm Beach

Are You Ready to End Your Knee Pain in West Palm Beach?  

Join our ever-growing family in South Florida that is ditching medication in favor of natural healing remedies. Between our chiropractic care, lasers, and stretch therapy, you’ll be back to living a pain-free life in no time. Set an appointment today and see what you’ve been missing all this time!

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