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November 16, 2020

There May Be More to Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common causes for missing work and losing mobility as you age. What’s more, it’s extremely common! On average, 8% of all American adults suffer from chronic back pain 33411.  We all associate back pain with accidents, sitting all day, or as a natural result of aging. However, there may be some hidden causes or invisible aggravations resulting in your discomfort. Palm Beach Health Center is here to give you some insight into the cause of your back pain and how we can alleviate it.  

Back Pain and Treatments: What is Making My Back Hurt?  


The way we stand or sit plays a huge role in the weight we put on our spines. Many of us have office jobs that require us to sit all day. Over time, this can cause your shoulders to naturally hunch forward, forcing your upper back to assume that extra weight and begin to lean.   Now think about this – the average human head weighs about ten pounds. When your head is tilted forward, like when you look down at your phone, that can add nearly 60 pounds of pressure to your spine. Now, add this to hunched shoulders and suddenly your back is carrying exponentially more pressure than it's designed to, inevitably leading to back pain.

It’s in the Shoes

Whether you’re active or not, the way your shoes are shaped directly affect your spine. Many people are flat-footed or have abnormal arches, and this typically causes the weight on your heels to sit in a lopsided fashion. Furthermore, as you walk or run, the minor impact of your feet against the ground slowly aggravates your spine. Over time, you’ll start experiencing lower back pain and not realize that it’s because of the type of shoes you’re wearing.  

How Do We Fix It?

Decompression and Adjustments

Instead of relying on medication, we get to the root of the problem. The disproportional weight your spine carries along with posture issues, lead to small misalignments throughout your back.  So, by using special equipment and proven chiropractic techniques, we can decompress your spine and re-align your back. This often creates instant relief, improves posture, and eliminates the disproportion in weight distribution.  

Specialize Soles

Fixing the weight distribution and back pain that comes from your shoes doesn’t require buying a new pair. Instead, we can improve the standing surface of your sole with customized inserts.  The reason these have been so successful is that unlike over-the-counter inserts you find at a local pharmacy, these are specially designed for you. Therefore, you can enjoy a more effective solution!

How to cure Back Pain 33411?

Need Help with Your Back Pain 33411?  

Palm Beach Health Center can help you say ‘goodbye’ to the pain and discomfort by identifying and fixing the hidden causes of your back pain. So, give us a call today to learn more!

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