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October 31, 2022

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a holistic approach to eating that considers all aspects of a person's lifestyle, including their level of activity, the environment they live in, and any chronic illnesses they may have. You might be curious as to how this differs from conventional or standard nutrition practices, but the holistic approach is a key difference.

Why Consider Functional Nutrition

If you are feeling frustrated from a lack of results after following standard nutritional concepts, functional nutrition can more effectively address your overall health. For instance, if you're still gaining weight despite eating healthier and increasing your physical activity, functional nutrition may identify other areas to allow you to make more effective choices that lead to better results.

What to Expect from Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is based on a holistic approach with a goal to treat all body systems. It does this by addressing the root cause of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves, much like the concept of functional medicine.

A functional nutrition specialist’s ultimate goal is to help you alleviate your symptoms and help you become holistically well. Because each of the body’s systems are connected, and in order to promote optimal wellness, functional nutrition focuses on lifestyle in addition to diet. Some examples of what to expect include:

  • Your unique needs are addressed with a tailored approach.
  • Dietary choices are explained by a practitioner who knows your health history and lifestyle practices, making them easier to implement
  • You’ll learn to view food in the context of your lifestyle practices to ensure you’re nourishing your body well.

This approach increases the opportunity to identify a sustainable, long-term solution to your individual health challenges.

Where Can I Get Personalized Nutritional Services?

At Palm Beach Health Center, our Functional Nutrition Specialist is ready to guide you through a personalized plan for your specific nutritional needs in order to help you reach optimized health.

Our team at Palm Beach Health Center can help alleviate symptoms for many widespread conditions in addition to nutritional deficiencies or challenges. Call our office today to schedule an appointment and be on your way towards achieving total wellness and a living a healthier lifestyle.

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