If your child has difficulty focusing during class, perhaps it’s due to ADHD or ADD. ADHD can be tough to diagnose without medical attention as symptoms can change with age. Furthermore, anyone is liable to show signs of ADHD, which can confuse self-diagnoses.

What is Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder?

Those with ADHD struggle to focus on one thing at a time, such as a lecture, because one thing alone doesn’t supply enough stimuli. The effect of this is bouncing thoughts that roam from one topic to another or drawing attention to insignificant events instead.

Symptoms manifest as:

  • Leaping from one task to another without finishing

  • Appearing to be daydreaming

  • Restlessness

  • Constant mood swings

  • Low frustration tolerance

What Causes ADHD and ADD?

The direct cause of these conditions is unclear. Some possible sources include genetics, environment, and internal developmental problems. While the causes are unknown, a solution free of medication is readily available.

How BrainCore Can Help Your Child

Witnessing your child’s slipping grades is troublesome to watch. Luckily, BrainCore brain caps can analyze, detect, and correct mental processing breakdowns. After all, ADHD is a collapse in proper functioning.

BrainCore uses a cap connected to a computer by wires to study alpha, beta, theta, and delta brainwaves. While the cap detects and reads electrical signals, it will never emit them. In other words, BrainCore will not shock patients or harm them in any way.

Once we look at the results, we’ll have insight into what’s causing your child’s lack of attention. Once we formulate a plan, the BrainCore machine will provide stimulation that will rewrite the brain. Doing so will train and condition your child’s brain to focus and stay attentive. Consequently, this may also correct behavior stemming from attention disorders.

Would Your Child’s Grades Benefit from BrainCore?

Lack of attention is by no means your child’s fault, but a problem they shouldn’t fight alone. At Palm Beach Health Center, we can provide the treatment and attention that your child needs. Give us a call today to see how we can help provide relief. Call us today!

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