Mild to Moderate Spectrum Disorders

The diagnosis of your child with autism can be a scary thought. You may be wondering where to turn for help and when you should be alarmed. If you’re a concerned parent, read on for the warning signs, what to expect, and how Palm Beach Health Center is here to assist your child.

What is Autism?

Autism is a behavioral disorder that begins showing signs within 12-18 months after birth. The clinical classification of those conditions labels it a neuro-developmental disorder that can affect verbal and gestured communication.

Ring the alarm bells if you spot these tendencies:

  • Trouble making or holding eye contact

  • Dismissive of playthings

  • Social awkwardness

  • Lacking smiling or emotions

Healthy infants begin babbling and attempting words after a year or so. If your child makes little to no effort, it may be a sign of autism. We highly encourage swift action at the first instance of one of these symptoms.

Causes of Autism

Over years of study and research, we now know several factors that can trigger the development of autism. Leading factors include:

  • Vaccines and medications

  • Environment

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle

  • Genetics

Treatment for Autism

Think of autism as a sliding scale as each case fits somewhere in the spectrum. Since cases vary drastically, where your child falls dictates the treatment plan.

How BrainCore Neurofeedback Can Improve Autism Symptoms

While each patient reacts differently to treatments, some patients respond better to neurofeedback than others from pharmaceuticals elsewhere. Furthermore, BrainCore can potentially reduce autism symptoms drastically, including:

You may be wondering how neurofeedback can miraculously stop or mitigate these symptoms. The answer lies in the computer software capable of analyzing brains to diagnose where the dysfunction lies.

Here are the steps of neurofeedback therapy:

  • A comprehensive brain scan

  • We’ll formulate a recovery plan using the BrainCore computer

  • Begin therapy by exposing patients to new signals

  • Assess progress after several appointments

Exposing the patient to new signals is not a painful nor complicated process. Upon detection of brainwave misfiring, subjecting the brain to our signals will teach it to respond appropriately. In turn, this “rewires” the brain, allowing for easier speaking, learning and improves communicative and social skills.

Treating Problems at the Source

We understand the mental stress dealing with a cognitive disorder can be. At Palm Beach Health Center, we make it our goal to assist in any way we can. Fill out the new patient forms experience a holistic approach to your child’s health.

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