Optimizing Performance

What does optimizing performance mean to you? It’s more a matter of what aspect of your health needs improvement. At Palm Beach Health Center, we have a variety of treatment options so you can find balance. Optimize your health with us through a variety of means.

Corrective Chiropractic

Even a minor misalignment of a given body part can severely disrupt motor functions and impact the quality of life. Most misalignments result in pain, which over time worsens and develops more and more triggers.

Chiropractors can treat:

  • Headaches and tension headaches

  • Herniated disks

  • Back, neck, foot, and joint pain

rehab Therapy

After surgery, decreased range of motion and weakness are very common. In efforts to improve recovery, we strongly encourage patients to schedule consistent rehab therapy appointments.

Begin rehab therapy today to:

  • Restore your maneuverability

  • Build up your weakened muscles

  • Quicker recovery time

  • Reduce pain and discomfort

Trigger Point Injections

Knotted and tense muscles can leave a person in perpetual discomfort. Often, when a person receives chiropractic adjustments, we provide TPI’s for them as well. Each injection is a mixture of corticosteroids and anesthetic, which has many benefits.

Here’s what trigger point injections can do for you:

  • Reduce your pain

  • Help you heal

  • Relax sore, tight muscles

Laser Therapy

Unlike fan-favorite Sci-Fi flix, lasers in the dental capacity are health-boosting and safe. Laser therapy is non-invasive, painless, and a single problem is treatable in just 15 minutes.

Laser therapy can treat:

  • Muscular pain

  • Sprains and strains

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Disc issues

  • Joint pain

  • And much more


ADHD, ADD, depression, and anxiety all make life challenging. BrainCore uses neurofeedback to rewrite the brain, allowing for normal functioning and processing. By analyzing brain patterns, we can detect and correct abnormalities to restore healthy behavior.

Neurofeedback shows promise in treating:

Nutritional Testing and Labs

Healthy diets consist of protein, dairy, grains, and vegetables, each tallying 25% of your plate. Balanced meals provide fuel for your body to run efficiently. If you believe the symptoms you’re feeling result from a poor diet, visit us for blood work so we can uncover why you’re experiencing your symptoms.

Poor diets can cause:

  • Weight gain

  • Hypertension

  • Heart disease and strokes

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones play a large role in our health and wellbeing, and imbalances can disrupt our equilibriums. Many instances can cause hormone dysfunction throughout aging, leading to hair loss, fatigue, and decreased strength.

Three major hormones that both males and females can lack are:

  • Testosterone

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

Find Your Balance

Palm Beach Health Center has the tools, knowledge, and experience to effectively treat a multitude of conditions mental and physical. For expert services, complete the new patient forms.

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