Herniated / Bulging Discs

While not common, herniated disks pose a real issue for 2% of the world's population annually. At Palm Beach Health Center, our practice has a high success rate for relieving disc pain quickly.

Patient with shoulder pain being examined by his chiropractor.

What's a Herniated Disk?

Disks are the jelly-like cushion sitting between the vertebrae in your spine. Without them, the bone would scrape and gouge the neighboring bones each time you bend, twist, or pivot. Because your spine is consistently in motion, it's surprising that herniated disks aren't more common.

As disks develop tears, the inner nucleus can leach out and affect the surrounding nerves. If the disk fluid comes into contact with a nerve, the nerve can become instantly irritated and causes shockwaves of pain.


Herniated disks often affect young to middle-aged adults for one of several reasons:

  • Significant accident (a fall or auto accident)

  • Wear and tear

  • Spinal degeneration

  • Poor posture

Symptoms of Slipped Disks

  • Arm or leg pain

  • Numbness or tingling wherever the affected nerve goes

  • Weakness

Sometimes, people can experience little to no pain at all. Each case varies by the individual.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

Herniated disks cause the body a great deal of stress and therefore take a while to heal fully. Usually, if the patients adhere to their personalized recovery plan, they will be completely over their symptoms in roughly six weeks. Depending on the severity, it may take you longer but possibly could be over sooner.


Quicker Recovery Starts at Palm Beach Health Center

If you're one of the unfortunate 2%, please know that visiting us can lessen the pain you feel. Our dedicated team will not stop until your pain subsides and you ring the pain-free bell. Schedule an appointment with Palm Beach Health Center today!

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