Hip Pain

Did you know the strongest joint in your body is the hip? Hips are ball and socket joints with a layer of cartilage cushioning that prevents bone-on-bone rubbing. Despite being the strongest joint sporting thick cartilage, hips aren't impervious to damage. At Palm Beach Health Center, we use multiple routes to put your hip pain in the past.

What Causes Hip Pain?

A fair share of hip damage we see is from wear and tear. This can happen to anyone regardless of your athleticism or age. In those who are elderly, slips and falls can lead to breaks. But no matter what brings you in, Palm Beach Health Center can treat your condition.

Common causes of hip pain are:

  • Arthritis

  • Bursitis

  • Fractures

  • Muscles strains

  • Labral tear

  • Cancer

  • Tendinitis

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Since there are many different types and causes of hip pain, each case is unique. The following list is a compilation of common symptoms spanning several conditions and severities of hip pain. You may feel pain in your:

  • Thigh

  • Inside the joint

  • Buttocks or groin

  • Outer hip

Early symptoms may be absent of pain, so keep an eye out for limping, stiffness, and tenderness. With all things, it's important to catch conditions early, which is why you should know when you need medical attention.

 When to Seek Help?

Now, not all hip pain is indicative of major, underlying concerns. If you have pain persisting over several days with no apparent cause, let us know! We always suggest informing your doctor after several days of persistent pain.

Seek immediate medical care if:

  • You have sudden pain

  • Experienced an injury

  • Your joint is deformed or bleeding

  • You heard a pop

  • Your hip can't support weight or move without pain

The reason we say to wait a few days for many instances is because some conditions resolve themselves expediently without medical assistance. So, if the pain persists 2-3 days, there’s a chance you need medical attention.

Treatment Options

At Palm Beach Health Center, we approach each recovery with a holistic method rather than with pharmaceuticals. Don't let that make you nervous. We treat the pain and dysfunction at the source, allowing you to truly overcome your condition rather than mask it with harmful and addictive medications.

We can treat hip pain with:

Don't Let Hip Pain Slow Your Life

Pain is optional at Palm Beach Health Center. Our team of diverse medical experts allows us to treat and correct many conditions ranging from dementia to misaligned ankles. Fill out your new patient form to prepare for your upcoming appointment.

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