Neck Pain

Having pain in the neck is a prevalent complaint. Currently, in the United States, roughly 15% of Americans will have neck pain lasting an entire day. While pain may often result from injury, poor posture can also trigger this type of pain.

Patient with neck pain being examined by a chiropractor.

Text Neck and Muscle Pain

Did you know that the term “text neck” is a relatively new term that classifies poor neck posture commonly seen in those 13-25? As the name suggests, texting is a significant cause of text neck symptoms and related pain.

Even if you don’t text, text neck can still affect you as it’s a question of head placement. Angling your head down to read a book or holding your head out while watching tv can both lead to text neck symptoms.

Angling your neck forward places a load of your cranium solely on your neck. The further you outstretch your head, the heavier it becomes. This increased weight can reach over 60ibs of forcing, straining your neck. Human necks simply can’t hold that amount of weight, causing it to compensate, leading to pain and learned poor posture.

Along with text neck, muscles in the neck are susceptible to sprains and tears. Suppose your muscle tears or strains. The body’s response is to swell. By doing so, the inflammation around the injury often makes the pain worse.

If you have neck pain, Palm Beach Health Center can help.


Nerve Pain

Twisting, bending, and rotating can cause nerve endings in your spine to pinch, impinge, and become irritated. Telltale symptoms of nerve pain include acute pain, burning sensation, and pins and needles.

Depending on the affected nerve, you may have pain extending down through your elbows and knees, into your hands and feet. Often a slow burn, the pain increases as you move around more.

Doctor Matt adjusting a patient's neck.


Facet Joint Pain

As we know, arthritis can wreak havoc on your joints, including the ones in your neck. Spinal joints are known as facet joints, which protect the spinal cord and allow for movement. Over time, repetitive activity can prevent the joint from moving fluidly, causing a decreased motion range and dull to sharp pain.

Blunt trauma can have the same effect but in an instant. Pain from an injury may be persistent, but it may however come and go with clear triggers.

Nathan helping a patient with neck pain using a specialized device.


Stop Living with Pain!

At Palm Beach Health Center, we can treat a wide array of neck pain stemming from multiple sources. Don’t wait another day. Schedule your first appointment today, and forget how it feels to have neck pain!

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