Knee Surgery Prevention Program

Knees are joints that we often take for granted, yet they allow us the ability to walk and run. Therefore, knees work hard daily, sometimes for the entire day in physical occupations. Whether by injury or wear and tear, knees can fall victim to damage. While you can’t avoid accidents, here are some things to know to avoid knee surgery.

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When You Should Seek Medical Attention

Your knees are the hardest working joints in your body, making them the most susceptible to injury. Your knees are essentially shock absorbers for each step, jump, or turn we make each day. Knee health is critical, so seeking help at the first sign of pain is vital.

Whether you tear your meniscus, damage your cartilage, or harm any other soft tissue, your maneuverability will suffer from chronic pain. To avoid needing knee surgery, these are the symptoms you’ll need to be aware of that prompt an urgent visit to Palm Beach Health Center:

  • Strange sounds (pops, clicks, crunching, or scrapping)

  • Inflammation 

  • Decreased motion range

  • Weakness or instability

  • Sudden stiffness

  • Can no longer bear weight

While these symptoms demand immediate attention, they are avoidable by maintaining your joint health and living a healthy life.

How to Avoid Knee Surgery

rehab therapy

Knee stability doesn’t come from within the knee itself, instead of from hamstring and quadricep strength. Rehab therapy strengthens joints by conditioning and training the surrounding muscles groups. Coincidentally, those with weakened hamstrings are more likely to develop knee conditions.

Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, knees absorb shock with each step and leap we make. Bodyweight has a profound impact on knee health and their ability to function. At Palm Beach Health Center, we can assist you in losing weight to decrease the burden your joints feel. In turn, your joints will feel better, and your overall health will improve.

Laser Therapy

Another route we often take is the use of laser technology. Laser light energy has the ability to:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increase healing

  • Promote regrowth of tissue

  • Improve blood circulation

You have access to laser both before and after surgery. We hope you’ll experience the healing benefits before your case worsens. 

Corrective Chiropractic

Depending on the source of your dysfunction, chiropractic manipulations of your spine, knee, and ankle may all be in play to correct your knee pain. After all, the burning sensation in your knee may be referred pain. Early detection of misalignments can go a long way to preventing surgery.

Knee Surgery Doesn’t Need to Be the Only Answer

With the advances in chiropractic technology at our fingertips, we can offer life-changing solutions that you or a loved one needs. Wait no more and schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Health Center today!

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