Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common condition found in everyone from all occupations and levels of exercise. Why? Shoulders allow your arms to swing in various directions, which creates friction in the joint. Over time, any one of the dozen most common conditions may affect you. Read on to learn some common shoulder problems we treat.

Dislocated Shoulders

While mostly happening to athletes, dislocation can occur to anyone. If your arm is jerked violently in any direction or you rotate/extend too far, the top of your arm can pop out of place. Besides arm immobility, dislocations are very painful to experience.


Treatment is quick and easy as we’ll reinsert your shoulder joint into its socket. Once done, your shoulder will swell and remain sore for a few days. To combat this, rest the arm and be sure to ice the joint.

Frozen Shoulder

The condition has three unique stages: freezing, frozen, and thawing. Each step has its own set of symptoms.

Stage 1: Freezing

  • Pain begins and slowly worsens over time

  • Limited range of motion (ROM)

  • May last 6-9 months

Stage 2: Frozen

  • Pain may improve, but ROM decreases

  • Daily duties become more difficult

  • May last 4-12 months

Stage 3: Thawing

  • The range of motion slowly returns

  • Pain gradually lifts

  • May take up to a year


  • Joint injections

  • Rehab therapy

  • Corrective chiropractic


Impingement occurs when tendons become pinched between shoulder bones. Pinched tendons can be just as painful as a pinched nerve, causing you significant discomfort. The most likely cause of this is overhead arm movement, such as raising your hand or pitching.


How We Diagnose Shoulder Pain

At Palm Beach Health Center, we utilize a physical examination and x-rays to uncover the source of your condition. Gently feeling your shoulder can often tell us where the dysfunction is, while the x-ray provides insight into other possible complications.

Reclaim Your Range of Motion

While shoulder pain is a common ailment, living with it is a choice. At Palm Beach Health Center, our practice focuses on medication-free recovery, emphasizing your body’s natural healing power. Set an appointment today to see how our holistic approach can turn tour life around.

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