Auto Accidents

No matter how you look at an auto crash, they’re traumatic. In addition to the setbacks caused by being without a vehicle, you’ll likely be dealing with an uncomfortable injury. Head, back, and neck injuries are all exceedingly common with accidents, prompting many to seek realignment. Here are some things you need to know.

Chiropractor adjusting the shoulder of a female patient.

When to Seek Chiropractic and Why

While the strain on your vehicle and mind is undoubtedly significant, perhaps the toll on your body is the greatest concern. After all, misalignments can cause crippling pain and unbearable discomfort.

Never judge an accident by the amount of damage to the cars involved. A “minor” accident can prove life-changing. After all, a head-on crash at 20mph has an impact force of twice that. The sudden jerks and movements from accidents can do real harm to soft tissues, vertebrae alignment, and cartilage?

The often violent jostling of fender-benders is all it takes to shift your spine out of balance. Your spine is not a straight column of bone and discs. Instead, it has a curvature that helps absorb shock as you walk, jump, etc.

Auto crash victims often complain of lower back and neck pain. Usually, this results from a drastic loss of neck curvature and scoliosis to a varying degree in the lower vertebrae or lumbar.

How Does Chiropractic Care at Palm Beach Health Center Help?

With advancements in both technology and skill, visiting Palm Beach Health Center after an auto accident can drastically reduce your recovery time. We deliver quality care by accurately addressing the problem at its source. Many doctors resort to pills and medications when the reason behind your pain is misalignment.

We accomplish results by utilizing:

Have You Been In An Auto Accident?

Even a minor collision can cause significant long-term damage. Misalignments can cause headaches, chronic soreness and pain, mobility problems, and much more. Call Palm Beach Health Center today for a holistic approach to wellness!

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