Guided Dietary Supplementation

Healthy diets can be a challenge to maintain for many reasons. Sometimes the complexity of food labels is to blame, and for others, it's the lack of knowing how to cook. Luckily, at Palm Beach Health Center, we can steer you in the right direction for drastically improving your health.

Additionally, certain chosen diets can play a large role in deficiencies. For example, vegans and vegetarians may have a challenging time consuming enough proteins and dairy products, especially if they are recent adopters.

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What is Dietary Supplementation?

Suppose your blood test from your nutritional test comes back saying you're deficient in calcium and zinc. Both of these can cause startling symptoms which dietary supplementation can correct.

Even something as commonly consumed as calcium can lead to side effects if taken in too large amounts or in combination with certain medicines. However unlikely it is, it's a possibility that doesn't need to happen if you partner with a dietary specialist.

Dietary specialists or nutritionists can foresee potential obstacles before they occur. By asking you what your diet is if you eat a lot of protein, that may be the reason for your poor absorption rate.

More Reasons to Try Guided Supplementation

Coming to Palm Beach Health Center for your dietary needs grants you:

  • Accurate diagnosis

  • Safe and proper recovery

  • Regular check-ins and progress appointments

Lastly, while taking supplements is generally safe, it can be harmful without medical supervision. A contributing factor to this is the FDA's position on them. To date, the Food and Drug Administration cannot review products until after they've hit the shelves. So, there are potentially unsafe products in circulation.

Our team carefully deliberates each new supplement we bring into our practice. We make sure it's completely safe before we offer our patients because nothing is more important than our safety, health, and well-being.

Ready to Start Guided Dietary Supplementation?

Take advantage of our wonderfully talented team, as we can assist with many conditions ranging far beyond strictly nutrient-based. Call us today to see how we can benefit your family!

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