Joint Injections

If you’re experiencing knee, shoulder, or elbow pain and you haven’t found relief with over-the-counter medications or rehab therapy, Palm Beach Health Center may have the solution for you. Ask us how joint injections can get you back playing golf, fishing, or working.

X-ray image with knee joints highlighted in orange to show damange.

What Are Joint Injections?

Similar to trigger point injections, these too contain anesthetic and corticosteroid. Instead of injecting into your muscles, these will enter into your damaged joint tissues. From there, the mixture will begin alleviating pain.

Benefits of injections include:

  • Increased range of motion

  • Little to no pain

  • Arthritis relief

Another key benefit of having an injection is that it could allow you to begin rehab therapy. If you’ve been having severe pain or discomfort, it may have made you skip several appointments or delayed you from signing up.

Lastly, these are non-surgical solutions to alleviate your pain. Many treatment paths require surgery which has a chance to worsen the condition.

Are You Interested in Joint Injections?

Call Palm Beach Health Center today if you’re experiencing a decreased range of motion or joint pain. Our team has many treatment paths available to us to address your joint ailment in various ways.

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