Myofascial Stretch Therapy

What is Stretch Therapy?

One of our expertly trained stretch therapists will begin by isolating the specific muscle groups that need the most work. After one session, you’ll feel the difference, and with regular treatments, you’ll feel the transformation throughout your whole body.

Doctor helping a patient stretch his shoulder.

How Is Stretch Therapy Different from Stretching Myself?

The differences between assisted-stretch therapy and solo stretching are stark. Having a professional guide you through assisted stretching can take your joints through deeper motions that are more beneficial toward improving flexibility and movement.

Our stretch therapists have a deep understanding of the body, with a sharp focus on soft tissues. Their insight into how muscles and joints function allows for the safe execution of stretches that stretching alone can’t achieve.

Many times people who say that stretching hurts haven’t learned the proper techniques yet. The pressure it has on your muscles and joints is supposed to feel therapeutic as it releases tension. However, many push their bodies too far, and this causes further pain and injury.

What are the Benefits of Stretch Therapy?

In addition to having an expert flex your joints and muscles, there are three more benefits from stretching with us. They include:

  • Improved circulation

  • Restored range of motion

  • Elimination of pain, restriction, and tension

What is Myofascial Pain?

It’s a chronic disorder resulting from trigger points causing pain in your muscles and sometimes in unrelated body parts. This is known as referred pain.

Symptoms include:

  • Deep and aching muscle pain

  • Persisting or gradually worsens

  • Knotted muscles

Another key symptom is the loss of sleep. If you wake each morning feeling unrefreshed, it very well could be from myofascial conditions. Firstly, the pain can prevent you from falling asleep, and when you do, your body fails to rest as it fights inflammation and disease.

Over time, the lack of sleep can negatively impact your mood, energy, relationships, and performance. Our Palm Beach Health Center team is a phone call away from setting your body on the right track to recovery.

Do You Need Myofascial Stretch Therapy?

If your pain is akin to that above, we invite you to call us today! In conjunction with stretch therapy, we may also suggest using laser therapy to help speed recovery along.

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