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What does it mean to be healthy? Is it pristinely white teeth or the ability to bench-press 400+ pounds? No. To be healthy means to eat well. Consuming nutritious foods fuels the body, powering it to conquer everything the day throws its way. Conversely, by ingesting junk food or skipping meals, you’re starving yourself of critical energy.

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When to Seek Help

We all lead hectic lives, or ones just busy enough to commonly make mealtimes a scrambling affair. With temptations at every corner, over time, these choices can lead us to feel “off.” Look out for these common symptoms of malnutrition:

  • Unexplainable weight loss (gradual or sudden)

  • Change of appetite

  • Weakness

  • Lack of focus or concentration

  • Down mood or depression

While these are only a few of the many potential side effects, unexplainable weight gain and constant tiredness can also result from your diet habits.

What to Expect from Nutritional Tests?

You can boil down nutrition down to two nutrients: micro and macronutrients. These come in the form of various essential vitamins and minerals that directly influence our bodily and mental functioning.

At Palm Beach Health Center, we uncover the source of your symptoms by using comprehensive blood tests. Our tests exam levels of the following nutrients to determine if you’re deficient or have an overabundance which could be causing your unsettledness.


  • Proteins (amino acids)

  • Carbs (sugar, fiber, starch)

  • Water

  • Fats (poly, mono, trans, and unsaturated)


  • Minerals (zinc, calcium, sodium)

  • Vitamins (D, E, K, A)

  • Antioxidants

Once we have the data we need to formulate your path to health, we’ll do so with our team of in-house nutritionists. With their guidance, we can help you plan a personalized diet that allows you to eat the foods you like while receiving the nutrients you need.

Consult with a Nutritionist Today!

At our practice, Palm Beach Health Center can help alleviate symptoms for many widespread conditions. Visiting us guarantees you a holistic and natural approach to physical and mental wellness. Call us today!

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