If you have postural abnormalities, reduced range of motion of your muscles or joints or have decreased strength that limit your ability to do the things you want to do, you would benefit from functional rehab.

Chiropractor treating the knee of a patient.

Functional rehab at Palm Beach Health Center

Your rehabilitation program will typically have multiple phases, starting with managing inflammation and discomfort, then regaining mobility, and finally improving muscular strength, power, and endurance. The following are some of the benefits of functional rehabilitation:

  • Increased flexibility
    Muscular retraining allows you to become more flexible, lowering your risk of re-injury and relieving pain and suffering.
    Increased Strength
    Rehab strengthens the muscles and  joints, prevents overuse from causing discomfort, and restores joint mobility.
    Improved muscle memory
    We train your muscles with effective exercises, which improves proper muscle memory.
    Improved posture and balance
    We will practice training your brain to joint communication, reducing your fall risk and improve the way you stand, sit, walk and do life.
    Higher endurance
    Functional rehabilitation aids in the development of cardiovascular stamina as well as endurance during higher-intensity activities.

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Our team of rehabilitation experts can help you recover from an accident or illness by using a variety of non-invasive treatments and exercises.  Our goal is to promote wellness and health to all members of our community, throughout West Palm Beach, Wellington, and Loxahatche

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