Trigger Point Injections

Are you dealing with soreness that won’t let up? Many people, for various reasons, have chronically stiff and sore muscles that turn into trigger points given time. These points of irritation are known as knotted muscles. At Palm Beach Health Center, we treat each trigger point with a shot, which helps many patients find immediate relief.

Doctor massaging the back of a female patient.

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

These are discreet, thin needles that inject straight into the muscle to remove tense knots. Each syringe contains a mixture of anesthetic and a natural analgesic, which works together to mitigate pain and loosen knots.

Our office uses trigger point injections to treat:

What to Expect from a Procedure

At Palm Beach Health Center, nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of each patient. Before we begin, we will thoroughly explain the procedure, what will happen, and what you can expect to feel.

Alexandra using medical equipment.

We’ll begin by going over your medical report with you and asking you to update it where necessary. After narrowing down where potential painful spots are, we’ll physically examine your body by looking for tight muscles. Depending on how many trigger points you have, we’ll mark the spots and follow up with 3-5 shots.

Each shot takes just a few moments and, for the most part, is fairly unnoticeable.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do the Shots Hurt?

No, not really. While you will feel a prick as the needle break the surface, there’s no burning sensation or pain. You may feel muscle spasms as these are normal and come with receiving trigger point injections.

Alexandra treating a patient at Palm Beach Health Center.s

Do Trigger Points Cause Soreness?

Trigger point injections may cause soreness. As the muscle relaxes, remember it’s been knotted and strained for some time. As they relax, it’s normal for you to feel slight discomfort. To combat this, we suggest regularly stretching either alone or with our stretch therapists.

What Can Trigger Point Injections Help?

Are You Looking for Trigger Point Injections?

If you have chronic muscle pain or tightness, call Palm Beach Health Center today. Our multifaceted team can treat a litany of conditions stemming from physical misalignments to memory loss. Let’s see how we can help you as well.

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